Monday, December 12, 2011

Wreath inspiration

Every year I want to buy a new wreath for our front door but every year the funds need to be spent on gifts so the same old wreath is put up.   It's not that it's a bad wreath, I just need a change.  Thanks to pinterest I can look at beautiful wreaths and think about making a new one....maybe in July! Here are a few..........

 Picture source

I have tons  of vintage postcards ( I have a small obsession with them). So this one would be totally doable for me.  It would also be the perfect excuse to look for more vintage postcards :)
Picture source

I love the white snowflakes on the red door!  I don't have a red door though. Oh well.....
 Picture source pinterest

This one is made out of toilet paper rolls! How affordable is that!  I already have a small collection started under the sink! I should have enough by July :)