Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun with glue and paint

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

 Ever since seeing this project on Pinterest ( which is an awesome place for inspiration), I have been wanting to try it.  So out came the paint, magazine pages, modge podge and canvas. 

This was a multi-generational project. My mom, my daughter and I got down to business. ( My husband thinks we were making a mess but he doesn't know it was really art! Men!)

It was a really fun project because we didn't have to be perfect.


After gluing down the pieces of magazine we reverse stenciled on top of it with paint.  I love how they came out so different from one another.

Mine before:

Mine after:

 Ali's before:

Ali's after:
I love how Alison thought to use black paint. She's so hip! Although she totally cheated by not covering the whole canvas with magazine pages.

Mom's before:

Mom's after:

I would highly recommend this project for any age group.  It would be fun for a girl scout project or church group.  Anyone can do it :)


  1. OH I love this! I'll have to try this with my Allison ;)

    They turned out great!

    -Lauren D.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I'll be looking for your versions with your Alison :)