Monday, September 12, 2011

Having an inspiring Mom

My mom retired last year.  She spent 45 years working for a school bus company and caring for her family.  She continues to do for others by volunteering for various organizations, helping out at church and helping her children.  I was so proud of her for doing something for herself by joining an art group and having an art show! She deserves it!  She put herself and her artwork out there which is something I am always hesitant to do.  At 41 I am still learning from my mom and I am sure I will for many years to come.  Thanks for being an inspiration Mom!

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  1. I love your mom! I'm also so upset with myself that I totally forgot her art show. I had intended to go and all the way up to the day before remembered it. Then the first day of school hit and it was such a crazy day that it went right out of my head.

    She is so very talented and I'm happy for her!