Saturday, January 28, 2012

I had one of those weeks at work that was just brutal.

One of those weeks where you have too much work and not enough time. 

One of those weeks when you can't finish a single thing you start because you are constantly being interrupted.

One of those weeks when you feel like you are not benefiting anyone.

One of those weeks when you wonder why you work in long term care.

Then something nice happens..........

One of the family members brought me a bouquet of flowers with a card that said "Thank you for your kindness". 

That sentiment made all of the stress and doubts of the week take a back seat.  This is why I do this job.  To try and make a difficult time in someone's life a little bit easier.  I work with a team of amazing people who care about other people and do all they can to help them.  No, everything is not perfect and it never will be but there are many times when all of our efforts contribute to improve someone's quality of life and it makes all of our hard work worth it.

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