Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Abby!

Our dog Abby turned 5 today. She is a sweetheart and so well behaved.  She is afraid of our cats even though she is much bigger than them.  She loves peanut butter and chasing her tennis ball. She never turns down someone who wants to pet her. Here she is playing with Alison in the snow after Snowstorm Nemo.

 (She looks tough in this last picture but she doesn't have a tough bone in her body)

Happy Birthday Abby! We love you!!!

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  1. Hello Michelle ~ this is my first visit to your sweet blog, through Hearts in Service blog (terri)
    I LOVE the pics in the snow of daughter and golden retriever ~ I'm a dog fanatic, although dogless at the moment as our dear GSD died last year, and he was a big softie too!