Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paper Heart Necklace

As we get closer to Valentine's Day I wanted to share with you this sweet Paper Heart Necklace with you..

It's really easy to make and comes together in no time. The materials are few.........

You will need:

Modge Podge
paint brush
decorative paper (I used origami paper)
matching cardstock
eye pins
matching beads ( I used pearls)
Heart punch ( you can use other shapes of course)

This is a relatively inexpensive project too.  First start out by cutting out 14 cardstock hearts and 2 decorative paper hearts.

Using the paint brush apply the modge podge to 7 of the hearts while stacking them up one on top of the other.  Try to get them lined up as evenly as possible.  Finish with 1 of the decorative hearts.  Repeat this step so that you have two heart stacks.  Next, put the beads on the eye pins in whatever way that makes you happy.  I found it easiest to make my loop for the bail before I glued the piece together.  It's hard to manipulate the wire once the heart is together.

(sorry about the dark picture, I was doing this at night and could use some photography classes)

Next, center the head pin in between the two hearts with the decorative paper facing the outside.  You can technically wear this heart with either side facing out so you may want to choose two different decorative papers. Then you would have two necklaces in one! Generously apply Modge Podge in the middle of the heart stacks, where the eye pin is. Line up the two heart stacks and squeeze together.  I held it in place for a few minutes and the two stacks dried together quickly.  I then applied a coat of Modge Podge to all sides. Add your bail and chain and Viola!

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