Sunday, December 7, 2014

Loving my church family

As I sat in church this second Sunday of Advent I tried to identify the feeling that being in the sanctuary this morning created in me. I decided it is a feeling of comfort. Now I know many people feel comfort when they are in church but I tried to dig deeper and figure out why I felt comfort, besides the obvious reason. The feeling wasn't created by the smell, or the decorations, or the order of the service. It was created by being around the other church members.

I have been in the sanctuary when it is completely empty. I always feel bad when I am there alone and I don't feel some sense of awe or deep connection. If anything, I feel a bit uncomfortable when I am there by myself and the lights aren't on. Maybe this is something I need to work on.

I like being in church and sitting next to my husband and children. I like talking to the older ladies who probably have more knowledge about life in their little pinky than I have in my whole body. Hearing the children's innocent, insightful or funny answers during the children's sermon makes me smile. The familiar faces of the choir make me feel happy.

The pastor's sermon this morning was on "Love". I love my church family. Some I know better than others. Some may hold different views than I do. But we are all there for the same worship the Lord. I'm happy that these people are in my life and that I get to spend each Sunday with them. Our pastor said this morning, "Jesus is love, Jesus is the light". Sometimes loving others is hard. Sometimes I wonder "Why can't I love like Jesus loved?". I think loving your church family is a wonderful place to start practicing!

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