Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Card Recycle

I love the tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards each year.  When the season is over I find it such a shame to just throw them out.  This year I decided to recycle the cards I received in a couple of different ways.

First I made Christmas tags for next year.  I hate paying full price for wrapping supplies.  This year when I went to wrap presents I didn't have any tags so I had to run out and pay full price. So annoying! So I prepared some tags for next year by cutting the fronts of the Christmas cards to approximately 2 x3, punching a hole in the top and adding some ribbon. Now I'm all ready for next year and I won't have to run out to CVS!

The next thing I did with some of the cards that we had received was something that I had read about in our local newspaper: Project CARD ONE. This project sends holiday cards to our servicemen overseas. They accept new and used holiday cards. If sending used cards, tear off the decorative front to create a postcard, then either write a personal message to a service member or leave blank. Cards may be mailed to Project CARD ONE, MLO P.O. Box 68, Greenwood Lake 10925.

Do you do anything special with the cards you receive?

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