Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet

 I think ribbon and pearls are the perfect combination of femininity and strength. This bracelet is a beautiful way to put the two together. It's very comfortable to wear and kind of "rolls" on your wrist.


2 silver bead tips
2 silver jump rings
silver toggle clasp
23 6mm pearls ( I like Swarovski crystal pearls)
ribbon 1/4 inch wide ( I've only used 100% polyester ribbon but you can experiment with others)
beading glue
100% satin thread ( I like #6)

The silk thread comes with a beading needle already attached.  I start by putting a knot on the end of the thread, leaving about an inch tail. Add a bead tip and knot the thread right up close to the bead tip. Make sure the little hook of the bead tip is facing the end of the string. This is where you attach your jump ring at the end. Next, hold a lighter to the end of the ribbon, just enough to melt it so it doesn't fray.  You don't need to actually touch the ribbon with the lighter. It just needs to be close enough to melt. ( please use caution). Fold the end of the ribbon over about a 1/4 inch. Thread the needle of the silk thread through the two layers of ribbon. The folded over end of the ribbon should be on the inside where the first pearl will go. Now you are ready to start adding pearls. Thread on a pearl and then thread the silk through the center of the ribbon at the end of the pearl.  I kind of eye ball this part. Alternate back and forth. Ribbon Pearl Ribbon Pearl. Sometimes  It should look something like this while you are working.....

I completed about 6 inches of ribbon and pearls because my toggle clasp gave me an additional inch and a half. Adjust the length of ribbon and pearls according to how much length your clasp will add and how large your wrist is.  When you have it long, enough cut the ribbon from the spool, leaving enough to double it over. End the bracelet by repeating the same procedure you did at the beginning.  Melt the end of the ribbon, fold it over toward the last pearl, and thread the silk through the two layers of ribbon. Make a knot up tight against the the ribbon.  Add your second bead tip with the hook facing away from the bracelet. (Note the photo above). Make a knot. Add a bit of bead glue to each knot inside the bead tip. Cut when dry. Add your jump rings and clasp. Enjoy :))

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