Sunday, January 20, 2013

Prayer of Susanna Wesley

I thank thee because, when I have been sometimes interrupted in my work 
and my thoughts of Thee have been diverted, 
I have found how pleasing it is to my mind to feel the motions of Thy Spirit
quickening me and exciting me to return. 

 My husband and I will be officially joining the United Methodist Church next weekend.  In preparing to do so we have been reading about John Wesley, one of the founders of the Methodist movement.  When I was looking through writings/prayers that belonged to my grandmother I found this prayer by Susanna Wesley.  Recognizing the last name I looked her up in Wikipedia.  It turns out that she was John Wesley's mother. The funny thing was, when I looked her up I discovered that she was born on this day 344 years ago! How weird is that! I guess it was meant to be that I found this prayer in my grandmother's belongings and am sharing it today. You can read about her here.

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  1. Love the teachings of John Wesley! Because Susanna Wesley had so many children and it was impossible to find a quiet spot to pray, she would put her apron over her face to pray in peace and her children knew not to bother her when she was like that. Neat, huh?